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you long will whittle greens as the president dismisses the country's interim leadership as the adjustments and our small step for protection. while pro russian activists to occupy the parliament building in southern ukraine truth is this approach is that recounts looking to protect the release of ultra not chasing kiev. their idea no extra shine over. these other was a big needle and some boss a debt to china. i found it to four months achilles are accused of being modest in its app that lets you be buying that jaunty
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tune in their findings in this lab rats france. three the cup itself with the extreme photos of a crime and that is breaking out into him. the he's a comment like most cases it seems an auction with me next. and welcome to the problem ukraine's ounce of praise and thanks again to call the church sent this to the statement which said chance he's an only to give up into fine to hold onto our paths crossed line to the season extended test the keys in kyiv right now and i say so what did the awesome presence have to say. well the story of the city among others has turned into a genuine hollywood thriller. he fled to the ukraine's capital of
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five days ago. leaving all the governmental buildings macd the power itself in the capital to what was then that the political opposition i see what's which was quite recently. putting him on that wanted lists the branding him a criminal responsible for mass than that of ukrainians it has been speculation for some time that an approach may still be in ukraine maliki may be in russia it's not confirmed by any official solace as of yet but we do know that present chemical be sent a statement two of the russian news agency that the switch has said that he is still considering himself a legitimate president of ukraine. elected in a constitutional manner everything according to ms the ana college which is happening now in the ukrainian parliament is a legitimate to sector will continue fighting for the restoring the constitutional order in the country but at the same time you say to that. he and his combat suits are receiving death threats from those running the show right now in kyiv. that's why i get a place as he was alleged she
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was. he had two oscar russia for help in providing security for him in the times when according to local east extremists are running the show in his country also says that. the van so jenna happening in the east in the south of the country actually indication that not everyone is happy with the way things are going in kiev and he will do whatever he can he will spare no effort in resorting to the awarding the country and legitimate constitutional order in the country obesity very interesting developments now but as i said not a single official has yet to come from the chemical that is in russia although the itar tass agency quotes a second source within the russian government that the local beaches plea for help and for political asylum has been drawn to him by russia. season eight am to secure the nation sunday from kiev and thank you very much indeed for that excite underwood the country mall while i can add on as an adventure touring for the council president to speak not according to an
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onshore nations x button on the back. while technically still the housing rights as the president of the ukraine after being driven out by this switch in kiev. and he's released a rather powerful state. we have seen a complete deterioration of the situation i type this which has shown that people really have no power to control what is going on and certainly not in the entirety of the ukraine was an even more locally the ultra nationalist markets which which. the cynically you may be an attempt to ride the tiger of their violence into power. we're now in control of the streets so which i guess at this point my spiel he has no alternative except to try to restore order to the country lines of ultra nationalistic
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anti seem to trouble in ukraine south now with the forefront on grass now and the capital of the atonement a region of crimea on tv or peace can offer is that for us. a group of pro russian activists entered in the local farmers at least the russian flag on top of it the distorted sound is no blood for traffic by the police but inside the perimeter a crowd all for their supporters is gathered in for the holidays while also carrying russian flags and we just hope that some of them in the lead people are saying they're really concerned. i'll see what's been happening keep especially about more and more nationalist coming to power the interstate it will stand to protect their national identity just explain a bit east of ukraine and the southeast of the country where we all are now are heavily populated by ethnic russians the formal this is happening after wednesday's clashes between pro russian supporters and pro when it was neither the accordion top targets and it started as a rally but then political tensions quickly grew into epic once
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on the hunt for more from me the ukrainian nationalist slogans are being shouted alongside lee watson wants me to the sea and land but definitely not the same political views the eight. it would help with the four wheeled email today to children without our approval no decisions will be named we see the crimean as a part of ukraine. the majority of people with thier support for russia in the us's saw the crimean belong to the russian soviet republic until nineteen fifty four when the then soviet leadership decided to transfer to the administration also beat ukraine and when the ussr collapsed in nineteen eighty one the granny was left in support of independent ukraine. the last few centuries mainly ethnic russians have been living on these lists alongside
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minorities including the muslim twenty and top sellers the granny always used to be rationed was passed over to ukraine and all. it's time for justice to prevail the story of one of the local district building here in st. it's a good fit for approval rating. it builds corporal works of the works and what are we going to wax your head that sentence but we'll see what league points. when you submit to sleep. i mean it on to something starting with the ukrainian nationalists but they were never able to agree on the long room crime unit offered from behind the ears too far fetched me to this point however nationalism is far more pokemon tickets but the majority of you expecting the local cranium forties the exercise of political
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will and not allow him to cope with the new open to break down. you go to school for tea. reporting from the cranium. to gain ground as the local muslim communities has been hoarding money for the newquay of the bishop and the region however the group is a minority most of the andres populated by ethnic russians and the seventy percent of the people consider russian than a sea of language meanwhile headlines across america and europe as well as in ukraine on speculation by shea is on the brink of getting involved in crimea someone directly linking of russia's ministry drills with the tense situation in the peninsula. eleven russian minute officials have been thus there is any connection saying dominion is on the house hunt is or even thousands of kilometers away and don't seek the over eighteen. mammals have been an on fourth and devotion that removing its troops around the crimea. his explanation is that they are unarmed regular force is sending of the local russian navy base that has been commonplace stationed in
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south still pull for decades nate and eu officials have read on please send a warning signals to the russian government and truly reaction coming from the west as telcos want to cause he's an easy couple of days in a badly right now suddenly seamlessly hearing that would've been nice if he turns out are you hearing from abroad. hi there will you find a message from the new defense minister and defense ministers are due to the post revolutionary ukraine in one piece a message for alarm but we did hear from honduras of rocks missing the nato secretary general urged russia not to do anything that would quote escalate tension or weakness understanding. he later told a meeting of the nato ukraine commission which is presently i'm having a get together in brussels that the latest developments in the crimea were dangerous and irresponsible he did go on to also call on kiev authorities to me that country forward in what he called an inclusive political process the polish foreign minister also short of alarm over the developments in that part
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of ukraine referring to the seizure of government buildings is a quote very dangerous game to push the new german defense minister also bring in at her very first nato summit let's take a listen to what she had to say the situation in the ukraine were taken in the ukrainian fills us with great concern it is of the utmost importance that we prevent a breakup of the ukraine and special forces in the country are strengthened. so nato defense ministers as you heard their unified in their alarm over the developments now as you heard from a colleague either to stop the crimea was of course part of russia until nineteen fifty four remains home to russia's black sea fleet ukraine itself of course had been caught between russia and the west since the dissolution of the soviet union now back in nineteen eighty one. in nineteen ninety seven. we did see me go high cents to four to set up a special joint commission on with ukraine to oversee relief chance of possibly paving the way
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forward for membership of a leader in two thousand. there was an agreement that kiev could eventually be considered for nato membership but that the band put to rest since all the questions now about whether ukraine will effectively be desert the issue with the change in power and the people that we've seen over in the country. t o. the second line from the bad in nbc many we've seen over in the country. t o. the second line from the bad in nbc many thanks indeed bicycles here on the ironman surf on pace to offer financial support. sorry kid to come with some painful conditions and hear us coming to the fullest and that was demanding from the pre listening station science us all. pension reform the government to increase the retirement age that old son number of benefits and welfare payments should have been canceled including guys for schoolchildren and down to it. electricity and gas prices needed to be a priest on both the businesses and
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the pundits accept with the households facing up to a tenfold increase state owned coal mines located primarily in the east was said to be privatized and home total cost of the coach the lions had to be picked up for sale instead we amend don't believe the west has been taking in the bondage of ukraine's french politics. e conditions that to us and wants to impose isn't the game. looting and plundering one of the prime economic areas that are intimately linked since the soviet union era to the russian economy the united states government is making horrible sounds of our money the us to the treasury is not in any political cheque to millions of dollars to the ukrainian economy estimates are thirty five million required. this is a manipulation from the outside. stay with auntie dash has a cousin for the ordinances about openness and ukraine will expert opinion is also the annual
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free online experts he got caught the growing discontent in america's diplomatic immunity and some dark obama nominee to several of these big an election by this to be an awesome is especially upset and win and a set shot of the nominees to be more less menacing combat future postings. his critics say obama is simply pretending to be bad for the funding that's all he returns to office. it is an actual account reports confirmation hearings every ill that number present obama as nominees for mass of the ships have little or no knowledge of the country's their signs to serve and said i am. the real expert on china but said the menu was confirmed as u s ambassador to complain yet. one of norway's major political parties congress party now expect an apology from president obama to the future and accident in norway. good thing to know about their existence. norway has been very quick to denounce. um
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them um we're going to continue to work with norway to make sure the government has denounced them to go the coalition from the part of the coalition government by the city you know what the heck the guy i'd seriously i think or act it out. boy george to east does know is how to amman hotels and how to raise money. he hasn't won in the bundle are contributing more than one points to eight million dollars for president obama the election campaign. he's not alone. more than half of the present political appointees are his sponsors and or fundraisers the reported plan with myspace by his donors from passing ships expanded new release two new in dollars to those concerned about the qualifications of its nominees the white house has a diplomatic answer. being a donor to the presence campaign. it does not guarantee you a job in the ministry to that is not prevented from getting many are worried about the message that some of these appointments and to the world the structure reinforces
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the perception that one of the americans are not listening to their counterparts because the policies of may in washington and the people who are delivering the policy really are instructed to deliver and what they're getting back isn't going to have any input whatsoever into the decision making process. what did they know what his policies are. do you agree that the us embassy in china should be an island of freedom. that's a question i'd like to have to the work of illustration i did not know that this position also precisely on that point. korean diplomats and some lawmakers here are now worried not just about some of the current nominations but about the standards for future diplomats. they don't want the message could be held in a half to be an expert on the country or even to serve on the half lee of government and then there's the broader question will kind of diplomacy can you expect from such diplomats in washington
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i'm getting sick and art when one of the wild surmise powerful oil executives china analyst at a denny's shale has training. the industry is safely say that the axles shape is heading to the courts to get this stuff anyway. he won in eight the eye. you will. i did. to them for is you. eye. it
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seems natural outcome. recent housing boom degree to the zoo with the eu is most powerful nation showering the german chancellor with all the trappings of a head of states by many an hour and a maniacal good books is seen as essential for prime minister david cameron. it has any chance of rain again say to the u k's relationship with the european athenian all that it remains extremely bumpy and let the issue will be one of the bus passed us on cnn reports. german chancellor and the merkel's visit to london to red carpet welcome fit for a queen. down by foreign secretary william hague is britain's most important partner on seeking eu reform. the first german chancellor to address both houses of parliament. starkly different to british prime minister david campbell smoky pub lunch with his french
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counterpart last month. all that seemed to be placed on getting the backing of europe's economic powerhouse in the drawing on his relationship with the process after all my neck out that the anchor them at the fish and it's not a person this year a pace and vincent smith and parasites to find a peaceful agreement to what exactly does cameron wanted the uk. curbing immigration but possibly putting a cap of workers from your country the uk. restrictions on benefits claims that the migrants capsized protect us from financial regulations on britain. the creation of certain powers back to westminster to name a few but the question if ed what it is the new ones who attend but would be some wind for the uk but you can imagine is that if the press conference that they would have to accept something in return amid all the fonts on my jewelry and excitement about the british foreign office has repeatedly advised and downing street to get unlike
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the treaty reform will require deep clean of all other eu states that actually the one to twenty eight against its own entrance. got a weak ridge of informants to initiate sing. the financial transactions tax once again which could cost the uk savers three point five billion pounds you have two sets and current on going it's hard to build construction seems to be very different. the uk has many more friends in around the world the nation review focusing the eu till the end gang. the world is danger in any of the law and it still boils down to this one was a little less you're up for the other wants a whole lot more of it. the service of the rt london. my attention and proclaimed by some as the mice to emo company in the wild has once again drawing fun. the study
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suggests rules. that means he likened the links to any toxic and deadly kidney disease. read more about the dangers links to the gym for its bridge is the law and also now what scientists astronomers discovered seven hundred and fifteen you've done it sounds outside the system was dumping the number one it's time to see the smiles on this story and while it was attainable figured why not. west indies well is now spreading beyond the capital caracas and hunter street bond between anti government protest as and space and then known as cto banana cs out that crime levels and a smoking the economy and security forces were attacked with books and i made explosives he responded with rubber banded sent a pass for spouses don't send it to the launch of the market demand ipcc at the council had been two weeks of rioting in this latter involving thousands of people under its living conditions and sewing
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crawling. sixteen people have died and abundance for some suspect is being fueled by my site. the major force driving the opposition is really us support them as well as crucial to a lot of countries in latin america that have broken free of total u s domination that its relevance he did this to us is taking it all out effort to create an artificial shortages sporting speculation has been used in popular waves in the media to try to connect it to be on the sidewalk. but these are occupiers who are fighting for wall street at every. every single point they wanted to connect. we colonize and control also a number of countries that have broken free. and that's really what is going on in in country after country but in venezuela and a very shock wave right now. and another world news in brief. now this
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not the same period of eighteen counts just for taxes on it with sticks and rocks angry about government it's nice when people were reported injured and several wrestling eight launches into a business and transport us to instill and west began after the presence of a shuffled his cabinet lighting and since the late nights. i missed it. at that yuan two hundred people gathered outside london's central criminal court to deny the execution to act as a british soldier need to bring the housemate simple chemistry has been arrested after clashes between finite groups and the paintings the semi evergreen was loaded into old date nights and sweet and to his axis on the front and one of the skin is will spend the rest of his life in prison. the other one will set a minimum twenty years. hundreds of people most in western mexico in
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support of the powerful truck comes held bottles. mccain and his men also neither should he was aggressive on the east last week suspension on suspicion of drunken drug trafficking and not to demonstrate his assist to help avoid much needed in london in one of the country's poorest areas the last five min until the bombs killing business had fallen into the smuggling tons of cocaine and marijuana across the border. i paid my twenty one kissing it stretches for one deal and that is built the infrastructure of the twenty twenty world cup corey mays and other domestic stocks were also reportedly being subjected to slave like conditions often complain ian physical and even some shelling peas and was told to german filmmaker who was detained in the country while investigating that age suffering. always it was good to get collecting sort that sort of break documentary on the human rights situation on
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the workers of the migrant workers situations there but they have had a sono tech downfall. more than two a days we didn't even know still the single site. we were talking two of the three workers there at night time at the time when talking to human rights activists who were far from stopping any kind of i did it shows up to all beings i hit the bed to feel the office they have no there have been the full bill for impressive film people over there reporting on the problem. the reality is that of his the nepalese indian workers as for reading these days are being taken the past towards the way first. they're not able to really fight with cases in court against that accompany the work of four. there is a major lack of medical care for these people they are trapped within the cuffs on the system. the chief executive of america's largest energy company has
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joined all speak to oppose the construction of a new one to town. in his home that can be useful for kate. the head of excellent although was quick to say he doesn't apply as a training technique has worn on the view from his time being bland. it is the key is to excuse his leftist or environmental activists of indians ironically i was sitting in the rain full of people who were there to benefit the town of art and failed to enact a month moratorium on the sterling per minutes. and so it was very surreal for us to hear read thrillers and talking about. and and slightly wider powers that my hse and islam can be used when these people sitting in on and had water dripping from my dishwasher dishwasher they had a rash it. there were so many toxic release if the gas near their homes that they had the feedback you wait. five hundred and one
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really fits in just one year they had to wake your small children out at night any that you wake in the middle of the night to steal a get away from these toxic gases the next suspension were called to the american kids up liking that bonds without books and lunch. it's a statement i i i i. i him minnesota vikings football player jared allen. like many pro athletes your taxes actually doing something for society with the nfl fame and fortune. he is providing homes for turning the wounded u s veterans good job mr allen generally for some reason wealthy people don't do much to help other people besides giving money to charity to get some sort of
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tax free kick back with the wheel is helping other people out is actually in the best interest of rich guys to say whatever to stop to think about it. i'm a chore so mega wealthy that you believe in total isolation your going to have to deal with the west the people in your country and the better off that never dies is the less likely he is going to be the steal from you to get bought. al's work is fantastic because it gets better and out of the desperate situation returning home wounded trying to struggle to find work in a bad economy and treat their wounds of a massively over expensive medical system piano playing is a drop in the pocket for the over twenty million american servicemen will come back all but shows that a wounded veteran with a place to live at a much better chance of a good life and your bets are living under bridges a better society will be a crash just acting. i am. inhale. yours
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i wanted. tamworth the cheese in it. so this helps. that choosing the one thing that really like the cheapest tickets with us that the trucks are now attempting to change the image of the country s per contest. also to target women and two. the woman joined the ranks of
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the course of the country the incursion to participate it looks just like i just saw to it which is very important to me first because it occurred. it's overwhelming. all are. i intend to their houses were explored. in the end. i would take him to dubai. also it is harder for my country. for me to pick it at this price because it shows a woman are capable of achieving success i would like to call american woman and especially young girls to work hard to get out. too stunned to read reports of action the next week and toothpicks to get educated. i forgot what's the show so that they can do any job i can get your foot off the can the minister likely to become stricter rachel did only to see in the house. the three door all
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the suffering they can get out the can get like that what if you leave and new living with them . the news the great protest leaders have made the ministers they want to form a new government following the overthrow of president bakiyev a club which has been a great workshop but one hundred and fifty thousand troops on high alert in a show of strength president but the report disorder on wednesday for soldiers to be ready for war games in ukraine. what the kremlin oldest yesterday after days of saber rattling and its ally to college without stood over the weekend. moscow denied that the previously unannounced rail and its western military district was

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